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Wireless Communication : The Silicon laboratories Si4455 EZRadio Two-Way Link Demo Kit (P/N EZR-LEDK2W-XXX) contains everything you need to familiarize yourself with and evaluate the Si4455 transceiver. The kit has three versions: one for the 434 MHz band, one for the 868 MHz band, and one for the 915 MHz band.
Wired Communication > Analog Front Ends (AFE): Low resolution and low input voltage analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) are integrated in many of today's field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) and microcontrollers. However, they fall short on meeting the needs of industrial control and industrial automation applications that require higher resolutions and higher input voltages. The Fresno (MAXREFDES11#) subsystem reference design is a 16-bit high-accuracy industrial analog front end (AFE) that accepts 0 to 10V signals and features isolated power and data—all integrated into a small form factor. The Fresno design integrates an ultra-precision low-noise buffer (MAX44250); a highly accurate ADC (MAX11100); an ultra-high-precision 4.096V voltage reference (MAX6126); 600VRMS data isolation (MAX14850); and isolated/regulated +5.5V, +5V, and -3V power rails (MAX256/MAX1659/MAX1735). This AFE solution can be used in any application that needs high-accuracy analog-to-digital conversion, but it is mainly targeted for industrial sensors, industrial automation, process control, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), and medical applications
Wired Communication > Analog Front Ends (AFE): Three-phase power measurement applications require multiple analog inputs for voltage and current measurements on each line of the three-phase system. A power monitoring system must sample all of the analog inputs simultaneously to accurately calculate the instantaneous power consumption.
DRV8840EVM: DC Motor Driver with Brake: The DRV8840 evaluation module consists of a 5.0A, single-H-bridge motor driver with a Phase/Enable control interface and a small number external components that can be used to drive a single brushed DC motor. The on-board MSP430 MCU + software/GUI provides signaling and control and supports PWM speed control. With the DRV8840EVM, designers can quickly and easily evaluate the performance of DRV884.
AC/DC and DC/DC Conversion > AC/DC SMPS - Multi Output: STEVAL-ISA081V1: 12V @ 1A, 3.3V @ 100mA, 85 ~ 305Vin The purpose of this document is to provide information on the STEVAL-ISA081V1 switched mode power supply (SMPS) demonstration board. The STEVAL-ISA081V1 is an isolated SMPS capable of delivering a 12 W output over a wide input voltage range. It is designed for a mains application focused on providing a cost-effective and space-saving solution.